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  2. Introducing Character Stories Your character is the heart of your experience at GTALife. Their story will define your play style. So establishing their background, personality, and traits is important. This thread outlines the basic rules for creating a character for the game, as well as proving a few tips and pointers for those who may be struggling with the logistics of creation, or may be lacking inspiration. A few key things to remember when creating your character: Where are they from? Why are they in Los Santos? What are their skills? What type of personality do they have? (Kind, aggressive, thoughtful, rash, etc) Character Basics: When creating your character, we require you to use restraint, common sense, and to follow our rules and guidelines. We do not wish to limit character creation too much, but there are a few common sense rules that are in place to foster positive roleplay between characters in game, these are: Characters must have a realistic and proper name (First and last names, no symbols, titles, or non-alphanumeric characters) Character names must not resemble any celebrities or famous people. Characters may not be used to mock or impersonate members of the community, or other real people. Character Roleplay: Once you have created your character and have begun to play, it is important to behave in a way that reflects the character and their personality, as well as following rules that are intended to create a natural and fair character based experience for all. This being a roleplay server, we have some requirements and rules that are to be observed when playing as your character on the server. These can be viewed here.
  3. Looking good as always @Marshall | マーシャル, nice work
  4. Introducing Community Voice Community voice is a way you can directly influence and be involved in decisions that matter to you. It is a platform for various teams of the community to gather your thoughts, opinions and feedback. A few examples: The development team is looking to introduce a new feature to the server and would like to find out if it would be popular. New rules are being introduced but we would like more clarification around its wording. A new change has been implemented by The Board and we would like to gather feedback about its success. How it works: A member of The Board, manager or developer will create a post in the following format: [Team Name] [Role] [Idea/Suggestion] [Reason for Post] [Poll Close Date] Creating a poll: Polls can be created to support their post and used to gather your immediate opinion. They must be clear in the question being asked and the available responses. Poll will run for a maximum of 7 days. Other information: All posts created in the community voice forum area will lock automatically after 14 days of deliberation whereby the appropriate team can discuss the outcome of your ideas and feedback. We strongly encourage you to get involved and have your say. After all - its your community!
  5. Meeting Date: [00/00/0000] Meeting Time: [00.00] Meeting Type: [Meeting Type e.g. Community or Development] Meeting Chair: [Name of Staff Member] Attendees: Present - @name Absent - @name Introduction: [New Staff Members] [Staff Promotions] [Issed Service Awards] [Staff Member of the Month] Discussion: [Previous Meeting Discussions - Action Now Taken] [Points of Order] [Discussions] Closure: [Raise Concerns] Additional Information: Next Staff Meeting - [Date]
  6. @Marshall | マーシャルWhen you get time, start thinking about creating unmarked police vehicles as well.
  7. Frequently Asked Questions Server How do I join the GTALife server? Joining the server will require you to own a legal copy of GTA5 and a client download of RageMP. Once downloaded and installed you can connect with this IP: Where can i find the GTALife server rules? Our server rules are located in the 'Rules & Regulations' section of our community forums. You can also view them here. Where can i find the laws/crimes that govern the server? Ou penal code contains all of the available crimes and charges, including licence suspensions, that your character can encounter. Our Penal Code is located in the 'Rules & Regulations' section of our community forums. You can also view it here. I have failed the entry quiz and been banned for 60 minutes. What now? Do not worry! This is a great opportunity for you to reread our server rules so that you will be successful next time. Our entry quiz helps us determine the level of roleplay understanding you have for our server. How do i become part of a department? Starting a career in one of our departments is another great way that you can become involved with the community. They offers career progression with incentive and responsbility, but also access to department specific features both in and out of game. The following Departments are currently available: Government of Los Santos (GLS) Los Santos Police Department (LSPD) Los Santos Fire Department (LSFD) In order to apply you need to go to the approriate forum section. You then must select either Employment Opportunities for the LSG or Academy for the LSPD and LSFD. How do i report a member of a department who has displayed poor IC roleplay or conducted themselves unproffesionally? You can report any member of the government, PD or FD to Internal Affairs within their Department. This can be found under their respective forum department section. I has been suspended/banned from the server, can i appeal it? We give every member the opportunity to appeal a suspension or ban they feel was incorrect or unjust. You must complete the Membership Appeal form and adhere to the Membership Appeal Guidelines. How do i report a member who has broken a rule? If you witness a member breaking a rule you can report them by completeing the Report a Member form and adhere to the Member Report Guidelines. How do i request to get back in game items/assets that i have lost due to a rule break or a bug? If your characters items or assets become lost due to another member breaking a rule or a bug you encounter, you can complete the Compensation Request form but must adhere to the Compensation Request Guidelines. How do i report a bug/glitch i have encountered on the server? You must report any bugs/glitches to our Bug Tracker for the development team to investigate. If you feel the bug is game breaking or exploitable you must contact a Developer directly via PM on the website. Where can i share my ideas and suggestions for the server or community? We have a dedicated Suggestions forum area so you can share all your great ideas with us. Donations How can i become a donator? You can donate by selecting a suitable plan on our Donate page. If you have any further questions relating to donations message Maverick. Which plan should i choose? This is entirely up to you! All of our donation plans reward you with a variety of in game perks as our way of saying thanks. You can find out what each plan contains by viewing our Donation Plans on our website If my membership is suspended or terminated can i get a refund? Unfortunately all donations are non-refundable. Any attempt to dispute a donation will result in your appeal being automatically rejected and you being blacklisted from the community. Community How do i apply to become a staff member? You can apply to become a member of the staff team by completing the Staff Application. What are the minimum requirements for staff? In order to operate a successful staff team we have compiled a list of minimum requirements that must be met in order for an application to be considered: You must be aged 17 or above (18+ for Management). You must have been a member of GTALife for 30 days You have not received a suspension or ban. You are not a member of staff in another community.
  8. In line with the Los Santos city environment we are in the process of redesigning our vehicle textures for the Police Department. Below are a few examples of them and more sneak peaks and previews can be expected in the future. We are always looking for insights and inspirations to further improve our designs or to influence new ones. So if you have any we'd love to hear from you. Suggestions Thread
  9. THE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT & UPDATE Over the past few weeks we have been discussing the direction in which we wish to take the community and how we can go on to become one of the largest GTA communities in the world. Below are some of the exciting and important changes we are making to help us achieve our ambition. Custom Development Framework & Rage MP Previously we explored the concept of, and began developing towards, a FiveM server. This offered some advantages as a new community, with readily accessible documents and prebuilt scripts, making the creation of a server seem so easy and effortless. However, throughout this process we encountered several obstacles which presented a barrier for us and would therefore prevent us from delivering the roleplay server and community we are aiming for. We are pleased to announce that work is underway on a completely custom Rage MP Development Framework which has been made possible with the addition of @Crossy in our development team. He is now taking lead and overseeing the project. Why the change? RageMP allows us to have over 32 slots (FiveM default slot count) and over 128 slots (maximum FiveM slot count) meaning our members can expect a server with over 200 players on at one time. It allows us to use more sophisticated development techniques and methods with the use of C# as well as enabling us to further integrate our server with other community environments. We own and control it. We are not reliant on outdated scripts or messy code from other developers. Eliminate the need for a member only community and instead allows us to build features and systems to support more rapid growth. At this moment our development remains private until we move to the next phase - Private Alpha. All development updates will be published first on our Steam Group so make sure you join to keep yourself up to date with our progress. Public Discord & Website Registration Now Available Now with the above changes to our server taking effect, we are delighted to also announce that you can now join our community discord and register to our website. We are still working to adjust a few of the permissions following these changes, so you may still experience or encounter a few minor bugs. You can connect to our discord using the following invite link - Connect Now Registration is available on our website - Join Today This is your chance to get involved with the community a little more, share your thoughts and opinions with us and help become familiar with the community. A New Role Awaits You It is important that we have the necessary structure and management in place for our departments, currently LSPD and LSFD, so that they get off to a flying start and recruitment can begin immediately after launch. If you are interested in managing a department you would need to contact Maverick via PM on the website. Furthermore, establishing a strong community staff team, with which a variety of roles are still available, is crucial. Helping us to deliver a first-class service to all of our members. You can apply today via our Member Area. Stay Connected Like all successful communities, we believe a strong presence on social media provides us with the greatest scope and outreach in engaging with all our members about development progress, new changes and updates, and more. It also provides us a platform to spread the word about our fantastic community. We have therefore set up the following pages and would invite you to engage with us on them: Steam Group Facebook Twitter Now go ahead and share them with your friends. Be sure to make a note of each person you invite to our Steam Group, who then successfully joins, as we will be rewarding it later down the line. For now, that is all from us and we look forward to seeing you soon! Regards, Staff Team
  10. Discounted Items in shops (15% off) - The amount could change depending on the donation amount OR once a specific goal is reached in donations there is a server wide discount More options in the MyGTA section of the website. E.g Transfer money out of game, sell cars, transfer cars into different garages Staff area on the website (Possibly already a thing) Either a small increase their paycheck to whatever job they may have or the time between paycheck decreased (Adding more as i think of some)
  11. Sorry, but at this time we're not looking to implement such features. We believe that this is not something crucial and does not impact the website. For the future, i'd suggest using LastPass or any other password manager that can keep your passwords safe and also protected.
  12. Given to me by a friend, who has asked me to share his ideas. He has not registered to website yet! Gappy Yesterday at 23:32 So sort of things like free mopeds for VIP's when there are no taxi drivers online No Tax when collecting salary or selling items/vehicles etc... The option the create your own companies which can still be done with in game currency but you can also buy a building with Irl donations boats/some cars But make the cars exlusive for only like half a year so it gives people incentive to buy them so that they will be worth a lot more in IC currency later once the Donator cars change
  13. This is our first thread of many were we intend to involve you in helping us shape our community and the development at this early stage. We aim to create a donation system that works well for everyone, yet we are still in the early phases of planning this and feel it is a fantastic time for you to get involved and help us shape this system. Before submitting you ideas, there are a few things to consider We will have 5 packages, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond We will have persistant donation items (one time donation required) Our community will always refrain from becoming a pay to play or pay to win, so when submitting your ideas please consider this as an important factor. A few ideas we have generated already Packages - more walking styles, animations, free city parking, unique shops with exclusive stock (not to be applied to weapons), different textures. Persistant - Additional Character Slot, Garage Slots, Priority queueing. Whether you intend to donate or not we'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas so fire away...
  14. When logging in sometimes i type my password wrong or I just completely forget it. After 3 or so attempts of logging in it locks your account so is it possible to add a button so we could see what we are typing into the password box?
  15. I like this design quite a lot, More black, not just the typical black and white
  16. We have decided to make our Steam group PUBLIC and would therefore like to invite you and your friends to join - keeping you up to date with all of the latest community development and gossip. Previously the group was restricted to members only, however like all of our other social media platforms, our Steam group will now be accessible to all and provide another great forms for updates, discussion and in the future - community events! So go ahead, share it with your friends and get them engaged with GTALife. https://steamcommunity.com/groups/GTA-Life
  17. http://prntscr.com/o4yphi http://prntscr.com/o4ypw3 ^ could change to los santos https://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/18956-san-andreas-fire-department-ambulance-f-550/
  18. https://gyazo.com/f8863e2a14fd7048e9595c4821702d94 https://gyazo.com/cbde382a68dc168948fbe1809cf9a328 https://gyazo.com/7202817df2084da8371f2d41d63e9de0
  19. Meeting Date: 05/06/2019 Meeting Time: 19:00 Meeting Type: Community Staff Meeting Chair: @Viper Attendees: Present - @Maverick @Viper @Adam @Marshall - マーシャル @Marcus @Michael @Hype1998 Absent - @TargetV Introduction: New staff members - @TargetV Plenary: Recruitment drive for staff across forums and suitable areas. Low activity over the past few weeks - needs to improve as we approach launch! Starting to build up the departments and look for leadership for them as part of recruitment drive. Discussed whether staff should be able to lead department or what rank restrictions should be implemented. Mixed feelings, some agree with workload being too much in addition to staff role. Others think if they can manage it then why not. Poll created to gather staff feedback - Documents will need to be created for guides on factions. @Marshall - マーシャル spoke of the website down time errors and confirmed security patch was released by host provider to fix it. Website is mostly complete except a few small bits of content. Ensure all staff have synced up their Discord profiles - imperative to being able to use discord successfully and required by all members to play on server and access Discord. Server content being worked on but should be done soon for release. Bug reporting tracker fully set up and working. To be used when testing development features and when community is live. https://gtalife.co.uk/bug-tracker/ All staff members must install GTAV and FiveM and make sure it is working. Any problems contact @Marshall - マーシャル Website bio's on staff page need completing ASAP. All staff were asked to browse the website thoroughly to check they had the correct permissions and if access is needed to a certain area or feature to contact a Director and Website Manager. Moderator role guide was useful - All staff roles to be created. Created suspension procedure guide. to be completed and clarification needed on integration to do this. Create forum thread for skins suggestions on our emergency vehicles. Share on the thread. Specific role of Director was asked, the role profiles are on the forums so the responsibilities of each staff role are visible to the entire team. Ticket feature for support, great way for everybody to get involved. Any Discord queries, concerns or ideas to be directed to @Adam Membership category at bottom of discord are to be ignored. If discord integration fails that is back up Closure: No concerns raised. Additional Information: Next Staff Meeting - 03/07/2019
  20. As our server is nearing completion, we are looking at skin/textures for our emergency service vehicles and players and would love you input. Please share some images with us on vehicle and player designs you would like to see on our police, fire and ems fleets so we can begin to compile ideas for development. It is our intention to create all of our own custom vehicle and personnel skins, using influences from american police and fire departments. We wants some cool and unique designs and would love to see your favourite to help us start the designing process. Example:
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