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  3. Notwithstanding developmental limits, I think the inclusion of unique drug effects on the server could be a great addition. Not only could it, as others have mentioned, improve the quality of the roleplay on the server but also it sets us apart from other servers. +1
  4. Just going off the point @Woodsymade in his post, I think reaching out to members of past communities we have been a part of would be a critical step in ensuring we build a strong, engaged, and active player-base as we move closer to launch. That being said, I think really focusing on attaining the status of Discord Partner is crucial in getting some great free exposure. It could also draw more players to our server over others that do not have Partner status. I also agree with @Glenneththat it would be most prudent to get involved on the RAGEMP forums to get our name out there in advance.
  5. I completely agree! It will most likely take an extensive amount of time to plan and develop so it wouldnt suprise me if it took a minute.
  6. As much as I love the idea I do believe this shouldn't be implemented yet until we can get the DOC underway. I am under the impression that some of the sub divisions of the San Andreas state police force are being left out for launch but will be added when we have the numbers. But I do love the idea and I hope to see it in one day. @Kian
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  8. Kian

    Kians Build

    Potato, Patarto
  9. I really like it. Could potentially have a robbable item from guards such as a keycard that'll be obtainable by luring them into the cell block and ganging on them for example, and the card could be used to reach areas that will allow you to start a riot.. could work in many ways, and I agree with Kian on this one
  10. Slav

    Kians Build

    cheers@Kianbut thought it was a RMx PSU not a TXM
  11. Name of suggestion: Prison Rioting System How my suggestion should work: The Prison of Los Santos is a large area that will take alot of police members to control. Its often seen around the world that some prisons have the occasional riots and this brings alot of shook to people outside of the prison system. The Rioting System within the game would be a good idea and will promote alot of roleplay within the community. How it would work would be a gang of people who are at least of 7 (number can be adjusted) can start a riot which will allow them to open certain gates and access areas of the prison that they normally wouldnt be able to access with the potential idea to possibly escape. This will also promote alot of roleplay for the prison guards and surrounding police officers as roads around the area will need to be closed off and the prison guards inside will need a different type of attire such as; riot gear, battons and even tear gas. Of course this would mean alot more training for the police would need to be implemented to make sure the actions are carried out safely however, if it was pulled off it would really come across as a good peice of roleplay! As i would imagine, it would be hard to create this off first release however as an idea for the future could benefit the community as i havent seen this in any other life servers. The benefits of my suggestion: Promotes good roleplay within the community and will attract members from outside.
  12. The most efficient ways have already been mentioned by previous comments and would be places that I would also first look to creating an initial build in the current player base, other specific sites that could be useful in this is simply the RAGEMP forums which have a server advertisement section: https://rage.mp/forums/forum/39-server-advertisements/ And as previously stated advertisements such as this are mostly free and you still get a fair amount of coverage. Other than purely relying on website advertisement, the rest of it would be down to referrals and friends inviting friends on which has already been pushed a few times by Maverick.
  13. *Disclaimer* I haven't the slightest about computers and parts so the cred must go to @Slav PC Specs Motherboard - ASUS TUF B450-M-PLUS GAMING AMD B450 DDR4 CPU - AMD Ryzen 7 3700X GPU - AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT Storage - 1x TB HDD, 1x 500gb EVO SSD RAM - Crosair Vengance LPX Black 16gb DDR4 x2 PWS - Corsair TX850M 850W Modular Gold Case - Crosair iCUE 220T RGB Outside The Case Stuff Keyboard - Roccat Suora Mouse - Roccat Lau Tri-Button Monitor - Acer 24" Full HD Monitor 60Hz 1920x1080 PC Picture
  14. @Glenneth @Catamount @Levi @Fredrick
  15. I really like this idea, mostly because it will get rid of some "gather, process, deliver" routine for the criminals to make quick money. Another thing is that it adds more roleplay and more realism to drug dealing and not making everyone on the server a dealer but some might end up users instead. I've seen it been implemented on other servers so it is definitely possible
  16. The two most effective ways of gaining a face is either paying for an advisement or going and putting our name out on social media. The advisement route does cost money but I am not suggesting getting an ad slot when the prem is on at half time, but getting one on another popular website. Also using our GTALife social media and our own personal accounts will be one of the best ways to get the word out there. Majority of the people that use social media have a copy of GTAV and own a PC. You just need to make sure you’re shooting for the right target audience.
  17. Sandis

    Referral System

    It is indeed a good suggestion however there would have to be requirements like @Glennethsays so the system wouldn't get abused. I'd say the rewards shouldn't have a huge impact on the game yet not as low so people wouldn't take their time to get more people here. There has to be some kind of middle ground. As well as the requirements: I would suggest a decent list of requirements for the recruitment to be set to active. - 5 forum posts - 5 hours of play time. - Member on Discord Something similar to those requirements to make people actually get into GTALife and not just join here for the sake of the recruitment.
  18. Advertising our Facebook page to multiple gaming communities or other pages set up for players to find other servers? As @Woodsystated in his comment above, Websites are an amazing way to advertise and put our name out there. Once the server is up we should expect players to return if they are enjoying the server and this should promote growth. Again linking to @Woodsy - Maybe we give players a reward of some kind such as; currency in the game or free items should they invite a couple of friends. Making some form of reward on Discord (ie. a free channel or tag) just to entice the players to share the community and collect the rewards. A pop up in game that links to a "would you recommend this server" and let them write a post that could be displayed on the home page of our Website - or other platforms -showing new players others opinions on the server. This could be used as evidence to show to the GTA Server listing websites helping us to display our name on such a platform. I've attached a link of a Website currently listing the "Top 5 GTA servers" https://gamersdecide.com/articles/gta-5-best-rp-servers getting the server on this type of website would be amazing to see.
  19. I think we should try get someone to reach out the these gaming websites to maybe get an article on our server? try get some traffic coming in or maybe try add something that grabs players attention ie join today and get an extra 15K on start (15k is example as Im not sure on the eco) reach out to old community members & use a refer a friend type of system. I did post a suggestion witch would fall into this category, This wouldn't really be for launch but mainly for after launch, we could possible get someone to reach out to these websites & see If we could get added. I know myself will be promoting GTA Life through my youtube and twitch,
  20. I believe that these kinds of systems are possible, although tricky to pull off. Being that it tampers with lots of calculations and stuff. Certainly makes drugs more involved, rather than just making them and running to the seller.
  21. As we approach launch it is essential that we have a sufficient player base in order for the server to run effectively. We aim to have at least 500 members on Discord on the day of launch. There are various ways in which we can create an outreach within the GTA community however we need your ideas on how we can do this. I expect all members of staff to comment an idea on how we can create this outreach to get the flow of new members in. Once we have a plan we will be putting all efforts into this in the aim to increase our player count.
  22. Meeting Date: [22/06/2020] Meeting Time: [19:30] Meeting Type: Community] Meeting Chair: [Websa] Attendees: Present - @Catamount @Fredrick @Glenneth @Maverick @Phoenix @Slav @WebSa @Woodsy@Jean-Luc Absent - @Mosess @Pevvy @Edward @Levi @Crossy Introduction: No new staff members. @Woodsypromoted to Senior Support. Tony removed from staff team. No awards issued No staff member of the month. Discussion: Staff need to be checking the staff chat on Discord and forums. Staff Handbook in finalisation, it will be published asap. Current staff members will not be tested on this however please read through it as a lot of hard work has been put into it. Community marketing ideas post to be made, all staff members are expected to comment an idea. Forum participation is getting better, keep it up. Staff recruitment to start soon. Observe other communities such as Mafia City and Eclipse on what they do well and poorly. @Pevvywill be away for a couple days for personal reasons but will be working on server development on return. Idea of roleplay on the forums, @Jean-Lucwill post a forum suggestion on this. @GlennethDevelopment is making good progress as major hurdle (multiple character system) is complete. @WoodsyVideo and cinematic are still in the works and will be published after community marketing strategy is up. @Jean-Luc Still going for Discord verification so staff team needs to start enforcing rules in public channels in preparation for new members joining. Closure: Ensure all staff members have read and enacted on this post. When the community marketing ideas post is made that all members contribute. Additional Information: Next Staff Meeting - [6/07/2001]
  23. It does sound like another good way for more roleplay to be added on the server but then it does sound like some parts will be harder to implement but im not too sure you'll have to pitch the idea to the devs 😀
  24. I'm not entirely sure if this is possible (Might be wrong) but its something we can look into nevertheless as it takes these aspects that bit further to create that extra RP as mentioned.
  25. A good suggestion here, would this be something you'd want to see purely on the game server or also on Discord? As I could implement a system upon joining the Discord alongside the verification system, this would get you to input how you found the server as stated in the initial suggestion.
  26. Kian

    Robbery System

    Name of suggestion: Robbery System How my suggestion should work: Each of the working systems and jobs should have an area of the building; i.e. a vault or for the moving vehicle jobs, opening the back doors and having a certain object. This one object will be in control of the robbery system for that one job. This object will have to be interacted with by the robber which can then send out information into the robbery to the local robbers, information about the timer and how long is left on the robbery to be completed. Considering the size of the map, i think it may be a good idea not to tell the police straight away but leave it to local civillians to initiate and call the nessecary services. The loot that the robbers gain will be money and items earnt by the person itself and not an automatic fund so people could possibly farm it, whereas if it comes from the players income it will encourage them to comply with the RP and not want to lose their money. The benefits of my suggestion: My suggestion will increase RP around the server by connecting the RP with the civillians, robbers and police around the map. My suggestion will encourage players to be more careful around the map and take risk assesments when it comes to certain areas on the map. It also promotes FearRP by complying with the robbers commands to protect their income and funds. I am open to all suggestions to this!
  27. Shoot up an 8ball of skag and get bonus money from robbing gas stations, and option to sell meat and baby products at nearest boozer.
  28. Name of suggestion: Taking of drugs in game having effects on a players characters How my suggestion should work: In game there will a wide range of drugs (I think) available to make and sell, my idea would be that players will be able to take these drugs and by doing so their in game character would be effected by this and not just by a funky screen. Certain drugs would have certain effects, an example could be that if a player takes cocaine they would have a health boost and run slightly faster. Taking marijuana could give players a slight XP/Money boost when doing jobs. other drugs could have other effects however I do not know what other drugs there will be so make suggestions of what other drugs could be added and what they could do. Drug dealers could also maybe cut drugs with other substances, however this would be of lower quality. If people take drugs to much they could possibly become addicted in game, causing them to have withdrawal symptoms. People could overdose or take drugs cut with chemicals such as Fentanyl. The benefits of my suggestion: Encourages low level drug dealing. Increased amount of RP. Gives people bonuses. More stuff for police and medical services to respond to. Added realism. Could encourage certain Governors to possibly legalize or crack down on drugs. I dont know of any other communities with such a in dept drug system. Ps: I dont know if any of this is possible to implement however would be very cool.
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