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    We are committed to providing the most reliable and best performing infrastructure possible. This in turn, means that considerable monthly costs are required to maintain this. If you enjoy the community, love roleplay and have made GTALife your new home, feel free to support us and become a PATREON today for just £4.99 per month. In return, we reward you with a series of Website and Discord perks to enhance your experience and help you stand out. Website Perks: Forum Signatures - Add a unique forum signature to your profile (displayed below your forum post) Animated
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    This is a test role
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  8. Text here https://forums.gtalife.co.uk/staffapplications/
  9. Compensation Request Rules Compensation Requests are only granted for two reasons: Unannounced Server Restarts due to hackers, DDoS attacks etc. Game breaking bug that has occurred to a player with video proof that they did not intentionally induce it. Compensation Requests are not granted for: A rule breaker (e.g. You were RDMed or VDMed) You crashed your car and died You got into a shootout and you lost Your internet cut out or you had a power cut You intentionally caused a bug to gain compensation Your little cousin jumped on
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    Report a Player

    Reporting a player can be a tedious task to do, but it makes our community a better place in the long run. If you encounter a member break either one of our rules on the server or community rules on the Forum and Discord. Regardless if they are Staff or not, please do not hesitate to submit a report. You can view our all of our rules here : GTALife Community Rules GTALife Server Rules DIscord Terms of Service Discord Community guidelines Last Updated: 11/03/2021Updated By: SlavVersion: 1.0
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    Unban Request

    Bans from our Server, Discord and Forum are punishments for direct rule breaks. It is your responsibility to learn our rules before you engage in our community. We highly suggest that you read our rules here before submitting an Unban Request Form. Unban Request Rules Do not contact Staff Members regarding your Unban Request status. Your Request will be rejected automatically without any consideration. Unban Requests are not priority. Any inappropriate behaviour during your request period will lead to a full community ban. Commenting on a Un
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    NETRA Community

    Welcome to NETRA - a community designed and driven by gamers like you. Long gone are the days of getting stuck in multiplayer lobbies full of random players. Whether you're looking to join likeminded people for endless fun on your favourite games, or want to join one of NETRA's competitive teams and proudly wear our colours for clan v clan action, you will never play alone. Competitive Esports Teams: CS:GO - Coach: Mosess: Keep up to date with out latest Esports news and even opportunities to represent NETRA yourself. Community Servers: GTA V - Founder: Maverick:
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    About GTALife

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  14. Our brand image is how players recognise us. We are more than happy for you to use any of our approved branding below for your own personal use, but kindly ask that you adhere to the guidelines we have put in place when using our logos or images. GTALife Logo V1 The standard GTALife Logo (Suitable for Documents, YouTube and Twitch) GTALife Square Logo V1 (Suitable for icons, profiles and avatars) Colour Palette Blue: 2581C7 White: #ffffff If you have any questions or queries about the usage of our branding and logos please get
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    GTA - Server, Website Patreon - Website + Discord
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    NETRA Discord Invite Link https://discord.gg/rJtNDZS NETRA Website Link https://dc.netracommunity.com/
  17. As a Member, you must represent the community to the highest possible standard when playing on other Discord servers using the NETRA name. As a growing community, it is important that we continue to be a welcoming, friendly and fun place for everyone. Disciplinary Action: Violating one or more of our rules may result in your permissions being restricted and/or you losing access to our community. Depending on the offence committed, we may notify Discord. Enforcement of the rules and any disciplinary action taken is made at the discretion of the Staff Team. Privacy Notice: You are disc
  18. GTALife is a realistic UK themed roleplay server with high expectations and strong community standards. The below rules exist to help us maintain this and will be strictly enforced by the community staff team. If you would like further clarity regarding any of our rules, or you have a suggestion for a new rule, get in touch with us on our community forums. 1.0 Account & Character Creation 1.1 All members are limited to making one account. 1.2 Member accounts and their contents (e.g. real estate or vehicles) cannot be swapped or sold for money. 1.3 Character
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