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Community Rules

As a Member, you must represent the community to the highest possible standard when playing on other Discord servers using the NETRA name. As a growing community, it is important that we continue to be a welcoming, friendly and fun place for everyone.

Disciplinary Action: Violating one or more of our rules may result in your permissions being restricted and/or you losing access to our community. Depending on the offence committed, we may notify Discord. Enforcement of the rules and any disciplinary action taken is made at the discretion of the Staff Team.

Privacy Notice: You are discouraged from sharing any personal information to protect you from doxing. Discord or the NETRA staff team cannot guarantee that no unsavoury characters might be in our membership. You must ensure your own online safety.

  • You must be 16 years of age.
  • You must not display any forms of threatening, abusive, bullying, targeting, harassing, or disruptive behaviour towards any member.
  • Sharing, or threatening to share, disclose or distribute another members' personal information, including photos and social media accounts is prohibited.
  • Racism, sexism and homophobia will not be tolerated.
  • You must not pose or impersonate other members of the community, such as by copying their name, avatar and details.
  • You cannot advertise or recruit for or on behalf of other communities, clans or groups.
  • VIP Discord channels are not exempt from our rules or Discord’s Community Guidelines. If any violations occur in a VIP Discord channel it will be deleted.


  • Posting or sharing violent or graphic content, such as death and gore, is prohibited.
  • Posting or sharing pornographic; obscene; nude or explicit sexual content is prohibited.
  • Spamming - the act of intentionally repeating the same or similar messages multiple times - is prohibited.
  • Posting or sharing invite links to other Discord servers is prohibited.
  • Sharing audio or video recordings of other members without their consent is prohibited unless required by a staff member.
  • Posts must be submitted in the correct or most appropriate text channel and forum area.



When using our Discord you also agree to follow:


Patreon and Donator:

  • Patreon subscriptions and Donations are non-refundable Transactions
  • Disputing subscriptions/donations is a bannable offence
  • Subscriptions and donations are to only be activated on your own account and not to be transferred between another 
  • If you are banned from our community, your subscription and donator perks will be removed 


If you would like further clarity regarding any of our rules please ask a member of the Staff Team, post in the  #︱open-ticket chat on Discord or ask a question on our support section of the Forum. You can also share new rules ideas with us on our suggestions thread or in  #💡︱suggestions chat on Discord.


Last Updated: 11/03/2021
Updated By: Slav
Version: 1.0

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