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Server Rules

GTALife is a realistic UK themed roleplay server with high expectations and strong community standards. The below rules exist to help us maintain this and will be strictly enforced by the community staff team.

If you would like further clarity regarding any of our rules, or you have a suggestion for a new rule, get in touch with us on our community forums.


1.0 Account & Character Creation

1.1 All members are limited to making one account.

1.2 Member accounts and their contents (e.g. real estate or vehicles) cannot be swapped or sold for money.

1.3 Character names must be realistic and proper.

1.4 Character names must not resemble any celebrities or famous people.


2.0 A New Life

2.1 The new life rule (NLR) applies when your character respawns at the hospital. This means:

  • You forgot everything from your previous life including how you died and by who.
  • You must not return or interact with other members you were playing with for 20 minutes.
  • You cannot return to the scene of your death in order to retrieve lost items for 20 minutes.


3.0 Roleplay & Quality of Life

3.1 Members MUST value their characters life, therefore committing suicide or having another member kill your character so you can respawn is not allowed.

3.2 When playing on the server members must remain in character (IC) at all times. This means:

  • You cannot discuss anything unrelated to activities on the server. This is considered out of character (OOC).
  • If you wish to discuss something out of character you must type /OOC followed by the members name and message. E.g. /OOC [John Doe] [Hello]
  • Except Moderators and above, you must not start enforcing the rules or demand that another member joins discord to resolve an issue.

3.3 Failure to roleplay or displaying poor roleplay on the server is when you act or advocate unrealistic behaviour. This includes:

  • Baiting - Deliberately provoking law enforcement or other member to get a response without a valid roleplay reason.
  • Weaponising Aircraft - Using an aircraft as a weapon such as ramming other air vehicles or crashing into a ground situation.
  • Excessing Vehicle Ramming - Constantly and purposely ramming other vehicles.
  • Unauthorised Landings - AIrcraft are only permitted to land at airfields and must not land on any highways, roads, towns or in the city.

3.4 Fear roleplay (FRP) refers to your character acting and responding realistically in situations where their life is in danger. Examples include:

  • When you are held at gunpoint from close range.
  • When the gun of the attacker is lowered where previously they held you at gunpoint.
  • When your engine is switched off and you are held at gunpoint from close range.
  • You must not use your phone to call 911 or friends in these situations and must comply with all demands.

3.5 Transferring between your own characters is not allowed. Any members involved, including third parties, will have all of their accounts reset and be dealt with accordingly.

3.6 If a member participating in a roleplay situation disconnects from the server e.g. in a police chase or a gun fight, it will be considered combat logging. Members must not be involved in such situations for 15 minutes before disconnecting. [If you don’t have time - don't get involved!]

3.7 Taking screenshots, or using recording software, can be used as IC evidence, but the member is required to type /RECORD and must be holding their phone.

3.8 Should your game crash, you lose connection or be kicked from our server, you are entitled to reconnect and continue your roleplay without any disadvantages from before you lost connection.

3.9 Using a vehicle spawned by the server for the purpose of completing a job e.g. courier must not be used for any other activities.

3.10 No crime zones (NCZ) are areas where civilians should not break the law. The area constituting a NCZ is the block upon which that building is. This means surrounding buildings on the same block are also NCZ. The following areas are currently considered NCZ:

  • All law enforcement offices and buildings,
  • All hospitals and clinics,
  • All fire stations,
  • All government offices.

3.11 You cannot force a player to withdraw their money from an ATM, sell their properties or vehicles.


4.0 Deathmatching 

4.1 Random deathmatching (RDM) and vehicle deathmatching (VDM) is where you intentionally attack or kill another person without a valid roleplay reason. For example:

  • If law enforcement attempts to arrest you.
  • If another person attempts to hurt you or damages your property.
  • If you fail to comply with demands and fail to adhere to FRP rules. Instances include attempting to escape or calling for help/911.

4.2 You cannot kill someone who is complying with your instructions. The only exception is if you have seen or experienced them bringing harm to you or your friends e.g. attempted to rob you. This must be done with roleplay.

4.3 You must allow time for another person to comply. Shooting them within a few seconds, unless FRP rules are breached (see 4.a.i) is not allowed.

4.4 Vehicles cannot be used to injure and kill another person, this includes running someone over deliberately or ramming another person until their vehicle blows up.

4.5 Claiming to be mentally unstable, a serial killer, psychopath or any equivalent excuses to go on a mass killing spree is considered RDM.


5.0 Meta & Power Gaming

5.1 Members cannot use or act upon any information obtained OOC that will impact another member IC or a roleplay scenario on the server

5.2 Stream sniping is the deliberate act of watching another members stream with the intention to use that information in game.


6.0 Cheating, Hacking & Exploits

6.1 Members are restricted from using any tools, trainers mods or other programmes that would give you an advantage.

6.2 Using or exploiting server bugs is not allowed and all bugs must be reported on our Bug Tracker. If the bug is game breaking, or offers you a significant in game advantage, it must be reported directly to a Developer.


7.0 Voice & Text Chat

7.1 You are required to communicate, either by voice or typing, in game and throughout the community in English.

7.2 Abusive and offensive language is acceptable when IC and roleplaying. This must be done so in moderation and not simply used to continuously harass another member.

7.3 Voice chat, text chat, your mobile phone or other commands such as /me are to be used IC only.

7.4 Global announcements can be used for advertising your legal business or services, however this is limited to one message every 30 minutes. Illegal businesses or services are prohibited from advertising on global chat.


Last Updated: 28/02/2021
Updated By: Maverick
Version: 1.0

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