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Compensation Request

Compensation Request Rules 

Compensation Requests are only granted for two reasons:

  • Unannounced Server Restarts due to hackers, DDoS attacks etc.
  • Game breaking bug that has occurred to a player with video proof that they did not intentionally induce it.


Compensation Requests are not granted for:

  • A rule breaker (e.g. You were RDMed or VDMed)
  • You crashed your car and died
  • You got into a shootout and you lost
  • Your internet cut out or you had a power cut
  • You intentionally caused a bug to gain compensation
  • Your little cousin jumped on to your game and got you killed


Compensation Request forms are reviewed by any of our Staff Team and have the right to accept or deny but only Admins and above can compensate the player.


Last Updated: 11/03/2021
Updated By: Slav
Version: 1.0

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