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  2. NETRA Community

    Welcome to NETRA - a community designed and driven by gamers like you.
    Long gone are the days of getting stuck in multiplayer lobbies full of random players. Whether you're looking to join likeminded people for endless fun on your favourite games, or want to join one of NETRA's competitive teams and proudly wear our colours for clan v clan action, you will never play alone.

    Competitive Esports Teams:
     CS:GO - Coach: Mosess: Keep up to date with out latest Esports news and even opportunities to represent NETRA yourself. Community Servers:
     GTA V - Founder: Maverick: text here  Rust - Founder:  Pevvy: text here Clubs:
    CS:GO - Club Leader Mosess: Find active members to queue with, share tips and talk all things CS.
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