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  1. Thank you to everyone who voted. The poll has now closed and the community has decided that: We will be implementing multiple characters slots into the Framework for initial public launch.
  2. Voting ends today on our poll for multiple character slots. If you haven't voted make sure you do -


  3. Pre Launch Weekly Update #2 02/06/2020 Hello Everyone, Development Since last week we have made a massive amount of progress on our mission. The development team have already begun work on Private Alpha 2.0 and testing is underway of Alpha 1.0. This forms a great foundation for us to build upon. A few days ago, for the first time, we reached out to all of you asking for your opinion on a specific development feature. The community voice forum area provides a platform for you to directly vote and influence the actions we take as a community. If you haven't yet vote make sure you do - the poll closes tomorrow at midnight You can find the thread here. Departments Several members are assisting in the creation of our departments and fantastic progress has already been made. Applications to get involved as a department co-ordinator are now closed. Thank you to all those who have stepped up to help. Any applications outstanding are still currently being reviewed by @Mosess Website & Discord Our team continues to work on our website and are working to complete documents, policies and procedures required for launch. There will be the opportunity in the near future for you to directly get involved in this process. Engagement on our website is increasing, but we cannot stress enough how important it is that you have your say, post your opinion and share your ideas with us. Get them on the forums and let's spark some discussion. @Jean-Luchas taken lead on constructing a Wikipedia for us which will be an important pillar of our community. On a final note make sure you share our discord with your friends, on other discords where you are a member, or with your friends on steam. It is our aim to have 500 people as members on our discord for launch. Thanks, The Board
  4. At the point where we introduce a court system, this would be a potential option. I think being able to pay is probably the wrong approach but instead having the courts make a decision if you wish to clear or remove something from your criminal record. This would have to be looked at closely. Money should not be a deciding faction, in my view, when it comes to crime. Furthermore, reviewing what crimes would in fact exempt you from becoming law enforcement would need to be completed. Some less serious crimes may not impact your ability to join a faction.
  5. Multiple Characters for Initial Public Launch This is our first community voice post and involves a big decision being made. This is why we thought it would be a great opportunity gather your feedback and let you vote on the matter. Team: The Board & Development Role: Managing Director Idea/Suggestion: Having the option to create multiple characters on the server at our initial public launch. Reason for Post: Some servers have this and others do not. There are several pros and cons to this and ultimate it is a decision that affects the community directly. Pros: Means you can have a legal character or illegal character. You could join multiple departments with your different character. If you commit a crime you potentially could be restricted from joining a department - however, this would entirely depend on the severity of the crime. Avoid us having to refactor the entire framework at a later stage which could involve a stat wipe being necessary to accommodate the massive development changes needed to be implemented. Cons Would delay our launch time for our framework and require significant work from the development team. Other content intended for launch may be pushed back. Poll Close Date: Usually we allow 14 days for members to vote, but due to the urgent nature of this question, the poll will close 03/06/2020 at 23:59 Final Remarks: Feel free to ask a question or make comments below. Once the poll closes this will be discussed with the development team the action taken will be added as the final comment on this thread. Thanks
  6. Interested in helping shape our departments. Check out @Mosesspost.


  7. In contrast to other servers, having an interaction menu (which I confirm the devs are enthusiastic about including) will certainly help us stand out but also ensure that the roleplay is as seamless, smooth and more realistic. It also prevents long delays in conducting or engaging with RP. Additionally actions can be logged so we can monitor the standard of RP
  8. Recognising loyal members who stand by our side and support us in delivering a GTA server for everyone to enjoy is something I certainly believe is important. It helps in distinguishing us from being just a server and instead a global gaming community.
  9. Like the idea of increasing the exposure of the community and getting the members to help with this. Certainly rewarding them is an idea!
  10. Once the server is launched it is important that we establish a suitable donation policy which helps fund the costs of running the community, whilst maintaining a well-balanced game for all players. Most GTA V servers currently adopt an almost 'pay for play' system whereby you are basically able to pay for vehicles, items and houses for real money. This is in stark contrast to our belief that every player should have a fair opportunity to achieve the best things our server has to offer. We are currently looking to introduce 5 tiers for donators Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Prices yet to be confirmed. We are interested to hear your ideas and draw on your experiences from playing other GTA V servers and also be creative in coming up with innovative ways we can reward players. Here are some ideas being floated: Discounted City Parking Reduced Utilities (increase based on tier) Free Vehicle Test Drive Walking Styles Tax Breaks (increase based on tier) Extra Vehicles (increase based on tier) Clothing Private Registration Plates (Reduce in digits based on tier e.g. F1 would only be available for Diamond as its two characters) Custom Vehicle Skins Custom Gun Textures Discount at Plastic Surgeon Car Wash Discounted Insurance Other one off suggestion ideas: Character Slot (3rd would be donator) Garage Slot House Slot (you can own an extra house. Game default say 3) - YOU STILL HAVE TO BUY THE HOUSE! Once again think outside the box and no idea is too crazy. We need as many as we can to make it attractive without breaking the game.
  11. We are currently working on a wiki page which can be found at the top of our website or on the following link. https://www.wiki.gtalife.co.uk/ Contributors will be needed to help us keep the content up to date, and we will be looking for an overall Wiki Manager. In the meantime, whilst we get the basics set up, if everyone can share their ideas regarding the pages they would love to see on our wiki that would be perfect.
  12. We currently have 9 questions, but looking to increase our question bank to 20 for launch
  13. Introducing: Sharing Your Screenshots & Videos We know many of you record or take screenshots whilst playing on our server so why not share with us your favourite moments in Los Santos. Posting Images: Upload an image or several images using the attachment feature on the website and embed them into your post. Each image must have a caption or description of what the images represent. Ensure that all images comply with our community rules. Sharing Videos: Provide a link to your video on your Youtube or Twitch channel. Feel free to promote your channel as part of the thread. Avoid sharing a video that violates our community rules. Considerations: Please ask a member of staff if you are unsure about the content you are publishing, and whether it breaches our community rules.
  14. Introducing: introductions Introducing yourself to the community and getting to know each other is a fantastic way of forming new bonds and finding those who share common interests. We are more than just a server, but a community, and we encourage you to take the time and share a little about yourself with us. A few examples: Name. Country. Interests and Hobbies. What is your career or profession? What car do you drive? How you got into gaming? How you found out about GTALife? Twitch channels/Steam page (feel free to provide the links also) A link to your computer specifications post if you have made one. If not you can do so here. Considerations: We take your privacy very seriously so posting personal information or pictures is solely at your own discretion. You are not required to share your real name, country or a picture as part of this post. Make sure your thread title is your contains your name. You will also receive the unique website 'Introduce Yourself' award on your profile once you submit your post. -
  15. Introducing: Computer Showcase Whether you're using the latest in gaming technology or still using a computer from the dark ages we want to see it. Share with us the specifications of your PC along with a few images of your setup. Putting your username and #GTALife on your screen or a piece of paper means you will receive a bonus $2000 in game. Contact@WebSato claim your bonus. Specification Ideas: Main gaming PC specs. Monitors and displays. Any supporting technology or other computers used. Peripherals, gaming controllers or other computer addons. Specialist software or programmes. Images of your setup. You will also receive the unique website 'Show Off' award on your profile once you submit your post. -