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  1. In line with the Los Santos city environment we are in the process of redesigning our vehicle textures for the Police Department. Below are a few examples of them and more sneak peaks and previews can be expected in the future. We are always looking for insights and inspirations to further improve our designs or to influence new ones. So if you have any we'd love to hear from you. Suggestions Thread
  2. Sorry, but at this time we're not looking to implement such features. We believe that this is not something crucial and does not impact the website. For the future, i'd suggest using LastPass or any other password manager that can keep your passwords safe and also protected.
  3. As our server is nearing completion, we are looking at skin/textures for our emergency service vehicles and players and would love you input. Please share some images with us on vehicle and player designs you would like to see on our police, fire and ems fleets so we can begin to compile ideas for development. It is our intention to create all of our own custom vehicle and personnel skins, using influences from american police and fire departments. We wants some cool and unique designs and would love to see your favourite to help us start the designing process. Example: