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Donation Ideas!

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This is our first thread of many were we intend to involve you in helping us shape our community and the development at this early stage.

We aim to create a donation system that works well for everyone, yet we are still in the early phases of planning this and feel it is a fantastic time for you to get involved and help us shape this system.

Before submitting you ideas, there are a few things to consider

  1. We will have 5 packages, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond
  2. We will have persistant donation items (one time donation required)

Our community will always refrain from becoming a pay to play or pay to win, so when submitting your ideas please consider this as an important factor.

A few ideas we have generated already

  • Packages - more walking styles, animations, free city parking, unique shops with exclusive stock (not to be applied to weapons), different textures.
  • Persistant - Additional Character Slot, Garage Slots, Priority queueing.

Whether you intend to donate or not we'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas so fire away...

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Given to me by a friend, who has asked me to share his ideas. He has not registered to website yet!
Gappy Yesterday at 23:32

  • So sort of things like free mopeds for VIP's when there are no taxi drivers online
  • No Tax when collecting salary or selling items/vehicles etc...
  • The option the create your own companies
  • which can still be done with in game currency
  • but you can also buy a building with Irl donations
  • boats/some cars
  • But make the cars exlusive for only like half a year so it gives people incentive to buy them so that they will be worth a lot more in IC currency later once the Donator cars change

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  • Discounted Items in shops (15% off) - The amount could change depending on the donation amount OR once a specific goal is reached in donations there is a server wide discount
  • More options in the MyGTA section of the website. E.g Transfer money out of game, sell cars, transfer cars into different garages
  • Staff area on the website (Possibly already a thing)
  • Either a small increase their paycheck to whatever job they may have or the time between paycheck decreased
  • (Adding more as i think of some)
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