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The Big Announcement & Update

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Over the past few weeks we have been discussing the direction in which we wish to take the community and how we can go on to become one of the largest GTA communities in the world. Below are some of the exciting and important changes we are making to help us achieve our ambition.

Custom Development Framework & Rage MP

Previously we explored the concept of, and began developing towards, a FiveM server. This offered some advantages as a new community, with readily accessible documents and prebuilt scripts, making the creation of a server seem so easy and effortless. However, throughout this process we encountered several obstacles which presented a barrier for us and would therefore prevent us from delivering the roleplay server and community we are aiming for. We are pleased to announce that work is underway on a completely custom Rage MP Development Framework which has been made possible with the addition of @Crossy in our development team. He is now taking lead and overseeing the project.

Why the change?

  • RageMP allows us to have over 32 slots (FiveM default slot count) and over 128 slots (maximum FiveM slot count) meaning our members can expect a server with over 200 players on at one time.
  • It allows us to use more sophisticated development techniques and methods with the use of C# as well as enabling us to further integrate our server with other community environments.
  • We own and control it. We are not reliant on outdated scripts or messy code from other developers.
  • Eliminate the need for a member only community and instead allows us to build features and systems to support more rapid growth.

At this moment our development remains private until we move to the next phase - Private Alpha. All development updates will be published first on our Steam Group so make sure you join to keep yourself up to date with our progress.

Public Discord & Website Registration Now Available

Now with the above changes to our server taking effect, we are delighted to also announce that you can now join our community discord and register to our website. We are still working to adjust a few of the permissions following these changes, so you may still experience or encounter a few minor bugs.

You can connect to our discord using the following invite link - Connect Now

Registration is available on our website - Join Today

This is your chance to get involved with the community a little more, share your thoughts and opinions with us and help become familiar with the community.

A New Role Awaits You

It is important that we have the necessary structure and management in place for our departments, currently LSPD and LSFD, so that they get off to a flying start and recruitment can begin immediately after launch. If you are interested in managing a department you would need to contact Maverick via PM on the website.

Furthermore, establishing a strong community staff team, with which a variety of roles are still available, is crucial. Helping us to deliver a first-class service to all of our members. You can apply today via our Member Area.

Stay Connected

Like all successful communities, we believe a strong presence on social media provides us with the greatest scope and outreach in engaging with all our members about development progress, new changes and updates, and more. It also provides us a platform to spread the word about our fantastic community. We have therefore set up the following pages and would invite you to engage with us on them:

Now go ahead and share them with your friends. Be sure to make a note of each person you invite to our Steam Group, who then successfully joins, as we will be rewarding it later down the line.

For now, that is all from us and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Staff Team

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