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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ's]

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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I join the GTALife server?
Joining the server will require you to own a legal copy of GTA5 and a client download of RageMP. Once downloaded and installed you can connect with this IP:

Where can i find the GTALife server rules?
Our server rules are located in the 'Rules & Regulations' section of our community forums. You can also view them here.

Where can i find the laws/crimes that govern the server?
Ou penal code contains all of the available crimes and charges, including licence suspensions, that your character can encounter. Our Penal Code is located in the 'Rules & Regulations' section of our community forums. You can also view it here.

I have failed the entry quiz and been banned for 60 minutes. What now?
Do not worry! This is a great opportunity for you to reread our server rules so that you will be successful next time. Our entry quiz helps us determine the level of roleplay understanding you have for our server.

How do i become part of a department?
Starting a career in one of our departments is another great way that you can become involved with the community. They offers career progression with incentive and responsbility, but also access to department specific features both in and out of game. The following Departments are currently available:

  • Government of Los Santos (GLS)
  • Los Santos Police Department (LSPD)
  • Los Santos Fire Department (LSFD)

In order to apply you need to go to the approriate forum section. You then must select either Employment Opportunities for the LSG or Academy for the LSPD and LSFD.

How do i report a member of a department who has displayed poor IC roleplay or conducted themselves unproffesionally?
You can report any member of the government, PD or FD to Internal Affairs within their Department. This can be found under their respective forum department section.

I has been suspended/banned from the server, can i appeal it?
We give every member the opportunity to appeal a suspension or ban they feel was incorrect or unjust. You must complete the Membership Appeal form and adhere to the Membership Appeal Guidelines.

How do i report a member who has broken a rule?
If you witness a member breaking a rule you can report them by completeing the Report a Member form and adhere to the Member Report Guidelines.

How do i request to get back in game items/assets that i have lost due to  a rule break or a bug?
If your characters items or assets become lost due to another member breaking a rule or a bug you encounter, you can complete the Compensation Request form but must adhere to the Compensation Request Guidelines.

How do i report a bug/glitch i have encountered on the server?
You must report any bugs/glitches to our Bug Tracker for the development team to investigate. If you feel the bug is game breaking or exploitable you must contact a Developer directly via PM on the website.

Where can i share my ideas and suggestions for the server or community?
We have a dedicated Suggestions forum area so you can share all your great ideas with us.



How can i become a donator?
You can donate by selecting a suitable plan on our Donate page. If you have any further questions relating to donations message Maverick.

Which plan should i choose?
This is entirely up to you! All of our donation plans reward you with a variety of in game perks as our way of saying thanks. You can find out what each plan contains by viewing our Donation Plans on our website

If my membership is suspended or terminated can i get a refund?
Unfortunately all donations are non-refundable. Any attempt to dispute a donation will result in your appeal being automatically rejected and you being blacklisted from the community.



How do i apply to become a staff member?
You can apply to become a member of the staff team by completing the Staff Application.

What are the minimum requirements for staff?
In order to operate a successful staff team we have compiled a list of minimum requirements that must be met in order for an application to be considered:

  • You must be aged 17 or above (18+ for Management).
  • You must have been a member of GTALife for 30 days
  • You have not received a suspension or ban.
  • You are not a member of staff in another community.

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