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Introducing Community Voice

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Introducing Community Voice

Community voice is a way you can directly influence and be involved in decisions that matter to you. It is a platform for various teams of the community to gather your thoughts, opinions and feedback.

A few examples:

  • The development team is looking to introduce a new feature to the server and would like to find out if it would be popular.
  • New rules are being introduced but we would like more clarification around its wording.
  • A new change has been implemented by The Board and we would like to gather feedback about its success.

How it works:

A member of The Board, manager or developer will create a post in the following format:

[Team Name]
[Reason for Post]
[Poll Close Date]

Creating a poll:

Polls can be created to support their post and used to gather your immediate opinion. They must be clear in the question being asked and the available responses. Poll will run for a maximum of 7 days.

Other information:

All posts created in the community voice forum area will lock automatically after 14 days of deliberation whereby the appropriate team can discuss the outcome of your ideas and feedback.

We strongly encourage you to get involved and have your say. After all - its your community!

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