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Introducitng Character Stories

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Introducing Character Stories

Your character is the heart of your experience at GTALife. Their story will define your play style. So establishing their background, personality, and traits is important.

This thread outlines the basic rules for creating a character for the game, as well as proving a few tips and pointers for those who may be struggling with the logistics of creation, or may be lacking inspiration.

A few key things to remember when creating your character:

  • Where are they from?
  • Why are they in Los Santos?
  • What are their skills?
  • What type of personality do they have? (Kind, aggressive, thoughtful, rash, etc)

Character Basics:

When creating your character, we require you to use restraint, common sense, and to follow our rules and guidelines. We do not wish to limit character creation too much, but there are a few common sense rules that are in place to foster positive roleplay between characters in game, these are:

  • Characters must have a realistic and proper name (First and last names, no symbols, titles, or non-alphanumeric characters)
  • Character names must not resemble any celebrities or famous people.
  • Characters may not be used to mock or impersonate members of the community, or other real people.

Character Roleplay:

Once you have created your character and have begun to play, it is important to behave in a way that reflects the character and their personality, as well as following rules that are intended to create a natural and fair character based experience for all. This being a roleplay server, we have some requirements and rules that are to be observed when playing as your character on the server. These can be viewed here.

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